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Thomas Dowrie, on the job.

Thomas Dowrie, on the job.

Video Impressions owner Thomas Dowrie has a long history of being involved in music, video, film, and love and marriage! Thomas has been traveling the world since age 5. In the spring of 2004, Thomas and his wife Trystan created T&T’s Real Travels, an independent producer of travel DVDs, podcasts, and online travelogues. Since their first trip together in 1992, they have filmed or photographed all seven continents.

A musician since age 8, Thomas went on to study composition and graduated with a music degree from San Jose State University in 1995. In the past 20 years, Thomas has composed several independent film scores, including dramas, sci-fi, comedies, travel videos and documentaries. This work eventually landed him a place on IMDB.

Thomas also had years of experience working for Silicon Valley tech companies, including Global Village and Apple, as well as ACES Entertainment, a multimedia company.

When it comes to being in weddings, Thomas has been a ringbearer, usher, musician, best man, groom, and officiant in various weddings including his own, of course!

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